maandag 28 juli 2014

Ribble the Dibble small budvases.....

These make us smile.....
And they are available online - just listed two cuties.
One in bright yellow:

And one in oker warm yellow:

Here is the link to the vases in the shop

vrijdag 9 mei 2014

Porcelain earrings - Fleur Du Joly.

Ohhhhh yes spring is happening and summer is around the corner.
So it is some time for these sweet "Fleur Du Joly"  earrings to be available in our webshop.

porcelain jewelry floral designs

Would you like to see more Flower designed porcelain jewelry - click here

woensdag 5 maart 2014

Seedlings & Newspaper pots.

Ohhhh yeh!!
Finally March came....
It was a busy period and i need something to do relax myself. Last Spring i noticed that the interest
in vegtables and fruits seeding cought me....
But i was not prepaired and much to late. Now i'm a bit more prepaired and really feeling great being busy with this. We have bought a fruitcentrifuge this year and want to live more healthy.
So today i have started to seed..... CinnamonBasil, garlic chives, coriander, lettuce....
And you know what...Pinterest is a great inspiration board full of ideas and tips.
Here is my board for gardening for the little places.

And here we go seedlings :)
I have made small pots of newspaper for the seedlings.
My little newspaper seedling pots.

Filling up the small newspaper pot with eco/biologic earth.

Don't forget the names of the seedlings ;)

After putting the seedlings in the earth - i put over some thin plastic to let them get cosy.                           

I will give an update in the next few days or weeks how they are growing.
Put some cinnamonbasil, chives, garlic chives (seeds from last year), coriander and lettuce
in the first pots....
Tomato's, pepers, strawberries and more will follow :)

And here is a guide how to make the little newspaper pots from pinterest.

Have fun!!

Kort maar Prachtig - 5 t/m 19 March - Hilversum

Finally our first event of 2014.
"Kort maar Prachtig" - in Hilversum (The Netherlands).

Kort maar prachtig is a lovely foundation for the creative people.
 They look arround in big cities for empty A-location shop spaces that will be filled as
a pop-up shop for 1 or 2 weeks at a time. They do this a couple of times a year in different cities.

And these two weeks we are a part of this great foundation.
Here is our booth :)

We will post some more on the blog in the next days.
And if you would like to follow "Kort maar Prachtig" here you see them on Facebook.

dinsdag 25 februari 2014

Sneak peak!! - Stone & Color - Autumn/Winter 2014

Ohhhh yes a sneak peak preview of a tableware line in the making.
We haven been making the Stone & Color collection in cool grey home mixed stoneware.
But this autumn/winter we will present a new line in this range and style.
The same making proces as the cool grey line but now we made the products also of a fine grogged
very dark brown (black) stoneware claybody.
The same glazed used but because this black/brown stoneware clay body contains manganese it mutates the glaze to warmer coors with some specks and spots. Also were we glaze a bit thicker the glaze pulls away - so you see sweet little brown/black spots. It is kind of a glaze fault but we embrase
this fault in total......We high fire to cone 8/9 so it is water tight.....and we love the little imperfection.
And the retro look and style it gives.....
This set is a sample set and we have listed in our online shop.
With a little discount - we will be working on this line with full passion and will present
more products in autumn/winter of this year 2014.
In small ammounts because all of our products are handmade.
Dutch Design Handmade in Holland!!

Just a little update - Stone & Color cupzzzzzz....

Working on listing new products on our webshop and wanted to give a little update on the new sets
available for ristretto and espresso lovers....
These are handthrown with our home mixed cool grey stoneware claybody and glazed with opaque
colored glazes in fresh spring colors.
All made in small ammounts, high fired so microwave and dishwasher safe.
We already have 10 colors so if yo would like to know more about this line of tableware please let us
know trough our contact page on the website...
colorful espresso cups no ear handthrown

Here the first ristretto set of for cups with no ears.
Sweet colors: Soft yellow and pastel heavenly blue mixed in a set of 4 cups.
These sweeties can hold 60ml. (2 Fl. Oz.) of a beastly strong sip of ristretto :)

The above items come from our Stone & Color tableware collection and here is a link to the line
in our shop....